Robbie Crabtree

Improving Public Speaking

Strategy of a Speaker There are two parts to developing any great speaker. The first and most critical is learning strategy.

Tactics of a speaker There are two parts to making a great speaker. The second is using tactics to implement the strategy.

What are some of the best tactics to use as a speaker? Here’s 10 of them.

The 5 best ways to open a speech. Different audiences need different opens so here’s a list to help.

The top 5 mistakes that speakers make to lose their audience and destroy their impact.

5 ways to appear more confident as a speaker

How to create rhythm when you speak.

Want to be a better speaker over Zoom? Here are 10 tactics to help.

Performative Speaking

Performative Speaking online school exists for 1 reason: To help people become better public speakers. What does that look like? A thread

Stories From A Trail Lawyer

How I tell stories in the opening statement to a jury from a real case


Step into the Arena: Nobody ever won sitting on the sidelines.

10 lessons of leadership and mindset from 300.

How Visualize Value cost me $300 and brought a 100x ROI.